Wedding theme: I dare the oriental trend

For your wedding, you want to live a true tale of a thousand and one nights. Your wedding will therefore be placed under the sign of the Orient, embellished with warm colours, lively music and fragrant dishes. Here are many ideas that will help you plan the oriental wedding of your dreams.

The oriental marriage in a few words

The oriental wedding is festive par excellence. It invites you to a change of scenery, mixing rich cultures and traditions. Warm atmosphere, warm colours, decor worthy of Princess Scheherazade… the outfits are each more sumptuous than the other and often tailor-made. The common thread of this magnificent day is therefore all found. It is time for preparations.

The colours of the East in the spotlight

For wedding decoration as for wedding dresses, certain colours are to be preferred. The traditional colours of the East are red and orange, warm colours par excellence. For more modernity, they can be combined with white, gold or silver. For a more Bollywood atmosphere, we turn to the combination of violet, turquoise and fuchsia. Those who prefer sobriety will opt for green, fuchsia and gold.

The announcement of an oriental wedding

The theme of your wedding is announced as soon as your invitation is sent. The invitation card is therefore not to be neglected. Calligraphed and decorated with gilding, the invitation is simple and elegant. But if you want a more exotic ad, don’t hesitate to play with the colours mentioned above, with some pretty arabesques. Arabic calligraphy letters will give a touch of authenticity and originality to your mail. If you have chosen the oriental theme of a thousand and one nights, a subtle reminder to Aladdin and his flying carpet will make your guests travel as soon as you read.

Celebrating an Oriental wedding

To play the game of the East, the reception area must be up to your theme. Your oriental wedding will be celebrated… in a palace of course! If you don’t have any on hand, we’ll settle for a castle or even a beautifully decorated room, sumptuous chandeliers that come down from the ceiling and warm coloured fabrics to break the palate’s cold effect. In fact, anything is possible: from sobriety and purity to a much busier decoration, oriental wedding offers many possibilities. Any examples? If you opt for tradition, rely on lanterns, wrought iron, copper… while modernity will be under the sign of rose petals, white veils and white metal. More originality? Give your guests the impression that the celebration is taking place in a Bedouin tent using suspended curtains. The bride and groom will obviously be seated on a throne chair in honor. There are some magnificent authentic ones decorated with stones. Sometimes with a little luck, we find perfect treasures on the second-hand market.

In the plates

On the table of the wine of honour, you will find oriental verrines, sweet and savoury canapés… On the menu, the scents of tajine and couscous will not leave guests indifferent. For dessert, you can choose from a buffet of oriental pastries: gazelle horns, makrout, baklavas, bniouen, ghribia… the choice is huge! For a more refined meal, the Orient offers a palette of delicious flavours from the sea (the roasted bar for example).

Leading an oriental wedding

As with a more traditional wedding, it all depends on the atmosphere you want. If you bet on the show, make your entrance on a horse or camel (good luck finding it!). Easier to set up, an oriental dance show, a henna workshop or the intervention of a fortune teller.

A small gift for guests

For your oriental wedding to be perfect, don’t neglect the details. Gifts for guests are one of them. No more traditional sugared almonds, we bet on a small decorated mirror or a mini tagine dish.

Unforgettable photos with guests

Throughout the evening a photographer will be in charge of taking pictures so that this moment will not perish forever. These photographs will of course be shared live on the screen, engraved on a DVD or even on a USB key in the shape of a crown. An original wedding that your guests will remember for a long time!