Correction of facial skin stretches is one of the simplest and most widely used techniques in medical practice. Clipping should if lesion is suspected of having cancer, all diseases bladder diagnosed dermabrasion technique, as well as in conditions where it is not possible to make a diagnosis without histopathological examination. Most skin clippings collected using a scalpel or biopsy point. With the help of Wtanq can also be removed entirely certain skin lesions. The article discusses the technique of skin biopsy, fine Dermatologic treatments and techniques of local anesthesia.

Correction face in order to assess the effectiveness of the so-called chosen moisturizer. regression method – macs . This improved test procedure adopted for the assessment of the rate of occurrence of therapeutic effects of these medicinal products, the total of their therapeutic effect and maintaining this effect over time, as well as the possibility of its repetition.

Correction of facial The results of the treatment of mild acne vulgaris varieties and remote sequelae in the form of scars and discoloration. The obtained results indicate that the use of concentrated solutions of glycolic acid is a valuable method of treatment or the use of other complementary therapies. The duration of treatment and choice of concentrations was made ​​dependent on skin type, individual susceptibility and severity of lesions.

Correction face – the world is conducted at this time several thousand advanced clinical trials, which – as scientists think – in the near future will lead to the inclusion of gene therapy to a group of routine and commonly used clinical methods.

Correction face major groups discussed preparations protective mechanism and the strength of their actions and how to evaluate their effectiveness- dermabrasion . Shows the effectiveness of these preparations in preventing changes induced by light and an overview of the possible side effects of these measures.

Correction of facial Dry skin is very common problem in both healthy subjects and patients with various diseases of the skin. The etiopathogenesis of dry skin -esthetic surgery is complex and related to its age, exposure to harmful environmental factors or other diseases. The paper presents current views on the etiopathogenesis and clinical physiology of the skin.

Correction of facial group of 16 patients with severe forms of rosacea were treated in the period of 4-6 months of oral isotretinoin (0.2-0.3 mg / kg cc/24 h). Very good and good outcome in the form of a resolution of papules and pustules were observed in 88% of patients. During the 12 months of control after treatment relapse occurred in one patient. Treatment with isotretinoin has a lasting and beneficial effect on the skin lesions of acne rosacea. The most common side effects of therapy were drying lips and lipid disorders.

Correction of facial The principles autologous transplantation of adipose tissue collected using suction devices and presents the related their own experiences. Reconstituted with grafts of fat loss in the course of scleroderma (4 cases), half-life of the face (1 case), post-traumatic changes (2 cases), wrinkles and facial folds facial Minilift (2 cases), and sunken acne scars (2 cases) to give a partial improvement.

Can you treat yourself to a new bust

The size of the implants used in plastic surgery have an influence factors such as anatomical possibilities woman’s chest, the possibility of a surgical specialist and the patient’s vision for the future appearance of the bust. After discussing all the details, it is possible to determine whether breast May be round, anatomical or contoured.

Leading manufacturers of implants give a lifetime warranty on them. However, due to mechanical trauma may be damaged. If the change is visible as soon as possible to replace the implant. Many surgeons also recommends prophylactic implants exchanged every 10-15 years. The cost of carrying out such a procedure is: 9000-13000 zł. This includes: implantation, implants, anesthesia, bra, stay in the clinic and possible treatment.
so-called full bust reigns in today’s trends, and their implantation or cosmetic surgeries are on top and the front positions of procedures performed at the woman in the world. Fashion sexy breasts reached every corner of the world.
Implants construction is very advanced, and even during a failure of the implants, the gel from the inside does not leak.

The natural softness of silicone implants can not even detect them and does not give the patient to detect. Comfort and convenience are the most important and relevant coverage of prostheses provides the perfect combination of breast tissue.

The early 90’s in the U.S. silicone scandal that contributed to the change in the production of implants, silicone then replaced with saline. It was believed then with silicone badly affects the health of patients | Women undergoing surgical operation. More than a dozen independent companies producing implants | prostheses conducted its own medical research, which produced results that these implants are tumorigenic.

Silicone implants again regained its popularity and began to invent newer and newer generations. The companies producing them are competing with each other with ideas and technologies.

Majority of young people still at the stage of acquiring science surrendered to a treatment to improve their appearance. In particular, this refers to the implantation of different implants, whether breast or nose, but always it is against the nature. A lot of people think that good looks is a step to a career and well-being. Plastic surgery are particularly fashionable in the world of fashion and film industry.
Professional surgeons are well aware that the use of anatomical or contoured implant gives great opportunities with corrective breast surgery, than the use of round implants. The first choice is circular in shape after giving breast implants shapely and round. Anatomical shape gives you the opportunity to maximize the breast while preserving natural shapes.

What they have in common with wedding photographs?
Well, wedding photograph taken during a wedding ceremony or wedding reception in the house is characterized by the expression of joy, beauty, importance of time, and also the fact that documents one of the most important moments in human life. Of course, half the weight verifies the future – this more or less successful, but always the same wedding is a moment how important.

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